Prosper Technologies Prosper Technologies was incorporated in 1998.

Prosper Technologies provides consulting services on new and existing PowerBuilder systems and also develops commercial products using PowerBuilder.

Buck Woolley
Buck Woolley has been involved in programming and software development since 1987 and has been a Powerbuilder consultant since 1994, starting with version 3.0.

Ness Ness Technologies is a global provider of IT and business services and solutions with specialized expertise in software product engineering; and system integration, application development, consulting and software distribution.

intertech consulting

Intertech Consulting, Inc. offers expert consulting, mentoring, and training services to companies nationwide on new and existing PowerBuilder systems


Novalys provides services in the areas of Application Security Consulting and Web-enablement.

Appeon's modernization services include complete assessment of the current system, migrating using automated tools where appropriate, refactoring and rewriting where relevant, and integrating the migrated application so the enterprise applications can "talk."