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  • Configuring PowerBuilder projects to use GitHub for source control
    Back in 2003, Sybase introduced CodeXchange, an online forum that allowed developers to share code samples and collaborate on open source projects. Unfortunately, in 2009 Sybase decided to shut down that system. [...] Fortunately, there is an alternative. A bit of searching turned up a the Git MSSCCI provider from…
  • New Integrated Foundation Classes (2017R1) Released!
    "THE" PowerBuilder Classic & Appeon Framework! (v2017.1.0.73 - May 17, 2017) Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are very pleased to announce that they have just released a new version 2017R1 (build 2017.1.0.73) of their Integrated Foundation Class library framework for the latest PowerBuilder "Classic", Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile!…